Creating Better Futures (CBF) is a UK charity who believe education is the key to overcoming poverty. With your donations, fundraising, volunteering and child-sponsorship, you can empower and transform lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe (Africa).

We work directly with local communities and schools in Zimbabwe. We provide vulnerable children with the long term support and sponsorship they desperately need. We enable them to go to school, receive nourishment, basic medical care, and to benefit from community development projects.


Sponsor a child

Give a child hope for a better future today.

Start the life changing journey today and for only £15 a month you can send a vulnerable child in Zimbabwe to school, provide basic medical treatment, school resources, food and the money will help projects that develop the community.



Did you know?

  • £5 could feed 5 children, twice a day for 1 month
  •  £10 could pay for 1 child’s school fees for 1 term
  •  £15 could provide 1 child with a new uniform and school fees for 1 term



Want to be part of the CBF team?

We love it when people want to get involved and help us in our mission. To find out how you can help and for information on our current opportunities click the button below.


Want to find out how to help CBF?

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